It all started with an idea.

We started talking about how to make it on the land without having a public job.  The name Bluebird Farm came first.  Then, we raised a large variety of vegetables and a few chicken and pigs.  In 2016,  we decided to start a YouTube channel, Deep South Homestead, to help others learn the old ways of gardening and living without a lot of money.


Today, we have turkeys, goats, pigs, chickens and rabbit and HANK, our fiesty dog.  We have developed an edible landscape with around 25 varieties of fruit and berry trees,  numerous row gardens, container gardens, herb garden with white picket fence, and hugelkulture beds.  We have been blessed with abundance. 

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Danny and Wanda

We are the owners of Deep South Homestead.   In 2013, we married and started our homestead together. Five years later, we have created an edible landscape.


Both of us were raised on homegrown food and raised our families on it.  Homesteading was always a way of life for us, even before we met.

                   You will eat what your hands have produced and be happy and prosperous. Psalm 128:2

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