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At Deep South Homestead, we're dedicated to showing you how to live a simple life. We provide knowledge about everything to do with homesteading.


We know what it takes to both create and maintain a homestead.   Let us help you enjoy your homestead by providing knowledge on gardening, canning, smoking meat, animal care, repairs, DIY projects, gluten-free cooking, frugal tips, herbs, woodworking, product reviews, book reviews, and more.  We have added a new dimension to our homestead: Candy Corn Cottage Build.  We hope to offer a unique experience in the future-- A stay in an off grid cabin in south Mississippi.
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American Gothic photos by Matabula Rasa

That every man should eat and drink and enjoy the good of all his labor- it is the gift of God.  Ecclesiastes 3:12b

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We are your southern hospitality Youtube channel located in the Gulf Coast region of Mississippi.